38 m2
Kyiv, Ukraine
Slava Balbek, Yevheniia Dubrovska
2D plan

The area of the apartment is only 38 sq m. The architects had a tricky task: to design a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, wardrobe, and bathroom, to provide enough space for storage, as well as to make space for bulky equipment such as air conditioning and ventilation networks.
The design turned out to be simple and concise: the open-plan space begins right by the entrance, which then flows into the private rooms.


The wardrobe, bathroom and laundry rooms are combined in one block, 2.4 meters high, which resembles a "house within a house". This decision made it possible to free up space for technical equipment: it was placed under the ceiling in the laundry area. You access the ventilation and ‘roof’ of this unit via a metal ladder on a rail. It also leads to the top floor in the hallway.

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