99 m2
Kyiv, Ukraine
Dan Vakhrameyev, Kateryna Vakhrameyeva
2D plan

Minimalist interior design involves using bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. It’s crucial to maintain a balance between clean minimalism and a certain level of cozy atmosphere.


Structurally, there were absolutely no opportunities for the reconfiguration of the space because all the walls in the apartment are load-bearing. The bathroom was the only relatively flexible space, but it also had certain creative limitations.

From a design perspective, it is ideal not to be cluttered or overwhelmed with different forms; therefore, by focusing on what’s essential, we want to minimize an unnecessary variety of materials and forms. In line with our fundamental concept of providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, we designed a multifunctional modular sofa in neutral light-grey grain fabric.

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