Interior SVK

114 m2
Alexander Malinin, Anastasia Sheveleva (INT2 ARCHITECTURE)
2D plan

The apartments are located in a historic mansion of the early 20th century overlooking one of the old streets of Moscow. The main task of the project was to preserve the original space of the main premises of the apartments while placing all the necessary functional areas in it: an entrance hall, a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a guest bedroom, a storage room and a bathroom.


We wanted to preserve the architecture and volume of the room with a clear rhythm of floor beams and nine windows, historic brickwork and even picturesque smudges of grout from the ceiling filling that appeared during the reconstruction of the building. The solution was to create two subspaces - boxes that do not reach the ceiling, in one of which there was a guest bedroom with a pantry, a mezzanine on the roof and a library, and in the other - an entrance hall, a bathroom and a part of the kitchen.


The rest of the functional areas are distributed around the boxes: a kitchen-dining room with an island - a bar counter, a sofa area and a small but cozy place for breakfast. Instead of interior doors, glass sliding partitions are installed in both boxes, which, on the one hand, act as a sound barrier between the entrance area / bedroom and the public area of ​​the apartment, and on the other, let light through and visually expand small rooms.

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